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Are you ready for Athletics????

Want to get started early and help support your Crusaders?

For pennies a day you can advertise at Newman with a banner at Sam Budnyk Stadium or on the Crusader Baseball Field, put an Ad in the Football program, be a Broadcast Sponsor (NEW this year, only 2 available) or reserve a parking space for your Crusader!!!!

Read all about it in the 2020 Sports Brochure and Banner/Ad Card below.

CN Sports Brochure 2020

CN Banner and Broadcast Sponsor Card

CN Football Program Card


To provide increased options to families and friends, we have partnered with the NFHS Network that will allow for live-stream broadcasts of all athletic events host in the gym or main athletic field including football games. Join the NFHS Network for full access to:

  • All Cardinal Newman live and on-demand sports broadcasts

  • Other sporting events from around the Nation

Friends and family members who can’t make the game will never miss a play again! 


Here’s how to watch:

1) Visit

2) Search for Cardinal Newman and go to our page

3) Subscribe and Follow