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In this page you will find all forms related to Cardinal Newman Athletics.

Health Forms

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Sports are an integral part of student life at Cardinal Newman. All are encouraged to participate in as many sports as possible throughout the year.

The following forms are required for all athletes and need to be turned in to Mrs. Jennifer Jones or Mrs. Wende Saucier (209-A)prior to the first day of conditioning/practice.

  • Forms EL2 and EL3 only need to be completed and turned in prior to the start (practice/conditioning, etc.) for the first sport that the student would participate in.
  • If the student is new to CN they must also turn in an Immunization form before participating in any sports.
  • An EL2 can also be used for a student’s school physical, but a school physical (Florida Physical) may not be used as the EL2 that is necessary to participate in sports.
  • The Parental Consent form must be completed and turned in at the beginning of the year. All sports that an Athlete will participate in must be listed along with the coaches name on the form.
  •        Completion and submission of the Concussion forms provided by           the Diocese.

To try out and participate in a sport the following procedures need to be followed.

  1. All Athletes must have an EL2, EL3, Cardiac/Concussion/Heat Certificates, a Cardinal Newman Parent Consent Form and the Concussion forms from the Diocese. All of these forms can be found on our website. If forms have not been completed and turned in, they can be turned into Central Office.

**If you have already turned in all Athletic Forms please do not turn in again. Your EL2, EL3, the Cardiac/Concussion/Heat Certificates and Concussion forms from the Diocese only need to be completed one time during the school year. Mrs. Jones will check the paperwork of all Athletes and will let the Coach know what paperwork is missing or if all paperwork is complete. The Coach will then advise the Athlete if all paperwork is complete or if there is anything missing.**


Please click on the links below to download.

Parental Consent: Cardinal-Newman-Parental-Consent-Form

EL2 Physical Form: el02_physical_2

EL3 (Consent and Release from Liability Certificate, Consent and Release from Liability Certificate for Concussions, Consent and Release from Liability Certificate for Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Heat-Related Illness): el03_consent_2020-04 (3)

Concussion forms from the Diocese Concussion Paperwork from the Diocese

Instructions for the Cardiac, Heat and Concussion Course Online:

Concussion Education Requirement
All student-athletes are required to complete the NFHS Concussion in Sports course prior to the beginning of any sport in which that student participates. Multi-sport student-athletes only need to complete the course once. By signing the EL3, student-athletes and parents/guardians are confirming they met the course requirement. Additionally, all student athletes, each head coach and all other paid coaches are required to complete the NFHS Concussion in Sports, NFHS Heat Illness Prevention Course and NFHS Sudden Cardiac Arrest course prior to their respective sport beginning. The school does not need to send the certificate to the FHSAA unless specifically requested. Multi-sport coaches only need to complete the course once. 

Coach and Athlete Courses

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest (Coaches and Players)

  • Heat Illness Prevention (Coaches and Players)

  • Concussion in Sports (Coaches and Players)

Be sure to print the certificate of completion at the end of the course as each school’s athletic department is required to keep a copy on file.


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